Red Light Therapy


“Carrying as many injuries as I do, the pain and lack of suppleness in my body is a seriously limiting factor to my horses performance. Since using red light therapy on myself prior to getting on my horses, my marks have improved as I am no longer riding though pain.

I thoroughly recommend the Premium Red Light Therapy Wrap for both horses and humans”.

Olympic Silver Medalist
Sonya Johnson

Protocol used: Celina commenced red light therapy 3 months after the injury occurred when a friend gave her a red light torch to try. Initially the wound was treated with the red light torch before moving to the Therapy Wrap twice a day for 10 minutes per session. Sessions were then reduced to 2-3 times weekly until fully healed.

Red Light Therapy was used in conjunction with Duoderm Gel, Manuka Honey, Pure Emu oil, and a Fly Mask for UV protection.

Celina states: “I do believe that the Red Light Therapy played a huge part in the healing process. The changes were noticeable within days”.

Equine Wound Recovery
Celina J (Victoria)

I have suffered severe osteoarthritic pain especially in my back for a number of years. Since using the red light therapy pad on a daily basis I noticed an immediate and significant reduction in pain.

I was able to come off the morphine patches and manage the pain with only the pad and taking panadol osteo. My family have also noticed a huge improvement in how I move.

Severe Osteoarthritic Pain
A. Townsley Albany WA

Our dear little pug had a bad case of kennel cough. Sue suggested we use the red light pads on her. So twice a day for 20 min we “sandwiched” Lilly between 2 pads. By day 2 she had improved. I missed the third day and her condition worsened. I then diligently did the therapy for the next 4 days.

She rapidly improved with each day. I have no doubt that the red light pads helped enormously in Lilly’s recovery.

Kennel Cough
Sally Buktenica, Perth

After being diagnosed with tendinopathy in my knee, the limitations it presented in maintaining fitness, while still being able to compete at an optimal level with my dogs without pain was challenging. Since using the Premium Red Light Therapy Wrap, the inflammation in the tendon has resolved within an impressively short space of time and I am able to run pain free again.

I also use the red light therapy on my dogs Liryk and Edge both pre and post trialling, increasing their performance and reducing their recovery time. The Red Light Therapy Pad is now an integral part of my dogs pre performance and recovery regime.

Multi award winning Agility Dog competitor and trainer
Megan Bell-Jones

As experienced therapists, Catherine & Leanne from Naturally Animals are able to use the Red Light Therapy Wraps to maximum effect for a full structural and physiological re-balance. Often structural issues can be accentuated or caused by internal imbalances. With our unique range of therapies, incorporating Iridology,  Applied Zoopharmacognosy and Red Light Therapy we can really address the full range of physical and emotional issues that are affecting your animals, getting to the root cause of the issues for lasting results. All our consults incorporate a full pain assessment before and after the therapies are given so that you can see the improvement after even one session.

The addition of the Red Light Therapy Wraps to our practice has resulted in a marked improvement in what we are able to achieve after even one session. So much so that most of our clients are now purchasing their own Therapy Wraps!

Naturally Animals: UK Suppliers of the Red Light Therapy Pads
Catherine & Leanne

After hearing so much positive feed back from overseas on red light therapy I decided to buy one of the Red Light Therapy pads and torch. I love the Red Light Therapy Pad! I use it ALL the time. It is great for all sorts of aches and pains, injuries and wounds and so easy to use. I can strap it on a leg or pop it under the halter around the poll area or wherever and carry on with my massage and stretching while the Red Light Therapy pad is working. I have also personally tested it on myself and it was a great relief after an accident.

I find I am using it more than my heat packs now as it’s just so much easier to use. The horses don’t mind it either and the results speak for themselves. After using it on an area I find it is easier for me to do a bit of deeper work on the horse as the area is already feeling softened and warmed up.

I recommend the Red light pad to all horse owners as a safe and effective product.

Equine Therapist and Saddle Fitting
Sarah Linton EEBW

I have been using the Photon torch on my Mum’s eight year old Rottweiler with remarkable results! Misha had done her cruciate ligament and required surgery two years ago. She never fully recovered and always walked with a limp. She also became older than her years and stopped playing with other dogs. I have been using the wand on her for about eight months, every six weeks. She no longer has a limp and plays like a two year old with my three year old Labrador. Her demeanour has completely changed – it is amazing! I also use it on my Labrador who had developed soreness in her hind end. She too has fully recovered and no longer shows any sign of soreness. I highly recommend this torch for any kind of soreness in dogs.


In October 2016 I suffered a horrific injury to my fingers (caught in a lead rope) and needed the tip of one finger amputated.  Post-surgery I used my Red Light Therapy Wrap religiously for 20 minutes twice a day.  I was amazed with the rapid rate of new tissue granulation and scar recovery.  My surgeon was also astounded at the speed of healing attained.

An amazing product – I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Severed Finger – Wound Management
Rachelle Wilson - Dressage Rider and Coach

Hi Sue,

Here is a story from last week that totally blew me away – we would have been in trouble without the torch. Owner also did some very firm abdominal massage. I had an amazing experience with the torch. We were at a stud trimming, when suddenly an 18 month old filly went down with acute severe colic – just from being fine to throwing herself on the ground and rolling within minutes. Vet over an hour away and no drugs on site.

I ran to get my torch and treated her in between dodging flying hooves. Mainly got St2 and Bl20-21. In minutes she was standing so I could finish the points, and slowly her gut sounds returned and HR dropped. She was still in the endorphin relax an hour later when we left but had picked at a bit of chaff and was grazing back in the paddock later that day. She was perfectly fine the next morning. WOW!

I treated another colicky horse today – not as severe but heard the gut sounds get going.

Colic Recovery
Alina – Busselton

Ruby a maiden mare had a very traumatic labour which included being heavily sedated and having her big colt Danny pulled out with the aid of chains. Post birth she was very sore and although she was happy to nurture her son she would not let him feed at all. This meant the next day once again Ruby had to be sedated while she was milked and Danny tube fed. Obviously this was very stressful for all involved.

Thankfully later that morning a good friend Mia Joy –who is also a photonic therapy practitioner came to visit and straight away picked up that Ruby was experiencing quite severe post birth contractions which increased when Danny tried to feed so therefore she was very unhappy. I so wish to this day I had video taped the miracle in front of my eyes when after Mia had torched Ruby’s points she actually looked for Danny to push him in to feed.

Ruby, Danny and I will forever be in debt to Mia and the photonic torch and I hope that our experience will help all the mares out there who are unwilling to feed their foals due to pain.

Post Birth Trauma

Shortly after purchasing my Photonic Therapy Torch I competed at the Perth Royal show in the show jumping. Mister Expert and Noblewood Park Calypso competed in the Grand Prix on the Monday. For Calypso this was the 4th start in 4 days, Mister Expert his 3rd start. They were getting tired but I had been so busy I forgot about the torch. On the Monday I thought I really should work on them before the class. I was still learning the basics of the therapy at this stage so I worked on the 9 standard points and then slowly ran the torch along their backs, over their hindquarters and down the hamstrings, not really knowing what I was doing. When I started to warm them up I was amazed, they both felt better than they did the first day. Mister Expert jumped out of his skin and won the Grand Prix and Calypso was 4th, he was clear both rounds but had a time fault in the 2nd round, rider error!

I am still very much a beginner with red light therapy but I can certainly feel the difference when they have been treated. Our horses put in so much effort for us, I’m pleased I can make them feel more comfortable and hopefully enjoy their work.

Elite Performance
Alison Rowland – International show jump rider, trainer and coach

We have a wonderful 25 year old school master pony who in her later years has become increasingly prone to metabolic colic. Subsequently we have had many “out of hours” veterinary visits to help pull her through these episodes. When I first came across red light photonic therapy I noticed a section on points to use for colic. So – this last time when she went down I had called the vet but also used the red light onto the recommended points. To my amazement she started improving within a few minutes. I re did the same points from the colic chart and within another 5 minutes she was staying up, bright eyed and eating her hay happily. She never regressed so I cancelled the vet.

Colic Treatment
Susan – Perth

“The Red Light Therapy Wrap is an integral part of our daily management program. Used before and after work on my horses and myself, the benefits speak for themselves”.

Hayley Beresford

I have a twelve year old Quarter Horse who sustained a nasty lesion to his suspensory ligament in early July 2012. He under went Stem Cell Surgery at Murdoch. He was confined to a stable and could only be walked under controlled conditions. We went back to Murdoch for a rescan in the October with only a slight improvement and was told to still keep him confined and continue with his controlled walking. At this stage I was really disappointed. I then came across the Red Light Therapy Pad at the end of November and thought I have nothing to lose. Sue Poole also gave me some advice on rehabilitation in regards to in hand walking and trotting. I used the pad twice daily and after a few days noticed a huge improvement of the swelling of the leg. After two weeks the swelling had completely gone. I have just been back to Murdoch (December) for his second rescan and the Vet was amazed at the healing progress. He didn’t expect it to have healed to the stage it had, especially considering how bad the lesion was. He now can go into a small paddock and the Vet said what ever you are doing keep doing it. There is still a long way to go.

Nasty Lesion

My horse “Sheer Etiquette” failed the trot up for the FEI Grand Prix due to a laminitis issue. I asked Susan Poole from Red Light Therapy Kits for help using the new Equine Red Light Therapy Wrap. By 7am the following morning the horse was sound and passed the final trot up with flying colours.

We went on to compete in both the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Freestyle with no sign of restriction. Aside from my horse I also used the Therapy Wrap to treat my own back & neck and found it to be incredibly effective!

I now highly recommend Red Light Therapy for any human or animal needing to alleviate inflammatory pain.

Equitana 2012
Susan Paiz – Grand Prix Dressage Rider/Trainer and Coach

I have been using the red light therapy pad on my race horses and found the benefits are enormous both pre and post race. In racing you’re always looking for the extra 1% that can help your horse to perform at the highest level for as long as they can. I find this product a great advantage to my team and also to myself. Personally you always have aches and pains, and the red light therapy is a great source of pain relief for myself as well.

Race Horses
Aldo Cortopassi

The Red Light Therapy has been beneficial in our stables and is used in numerous ways. Apart from the fact that it has shown to have a positive effect in reducing swelling and soreness in different areas on our horses, from legs, back and on one particular horse on the poll, we have also used it with considerable success on our human ailments. Definitely makes a difference with lower back pain and also neck pain.

It has become a routine that the horses have the pads attached to various areas depending on the horse both prior and post work at home and at competitions and the fact that it is very easy to apply and can be attached while they are standing in the tie-ups while the rest of our work carries on is of great value.

Coolart Showjumping Stable
Sue and Jamie Coman

Mid December 2012 I severely strained my Achilles Tendon and could not walk without the aid of crutches for the next four months, during this time a secondary heel spur developed on the same foot. Competent in various healing modalities, those applied had limited success, mostly due to the nature of the tendon being in continued work when weight bearing movement.

Well aware of the benefits of red light therapy I also tried to use those which I had available at the time, one a high strength single beam torch the other a small bank of lights, but found both awkward to apply on the area of damage, as any twisting motion of my leg would cause serious pain.

As the months skipped by with little resolution to the injury, it was suggested I go into a plaster cast for at least 2 months, reluctantly I compromised and went into a moon boot, which enabled continued treatments based on homeopathy, tissue salts, essential oils and red light. I contacted Sue and after a short discussion on the benefits of the Red Light Wrap, the rehabilitative success she had with her horse and her own badly damaged knee and the ease of receiving a treatment whilst continuing ones work prompted me to order one.

From the first treatment I gained relief and within 4 weeks of twice daily use – 20 minutes each time, the tendon had reduced by 2/3rds and I was out of my moon boot for short periods and gradually weaning myself out of it completely. The Red Light Wrap was certainly instrumental in the speed of healing.

Thanks Sue!

Lea Smart – Smart Bowen Therapy.

Smart Bowen Therapy International College (RTO)
Human, Equine and Small Animal Bowen Therapy
PO Box 198 Lancefield Victoria 3435
Ph: 03 54292010
Fax: 03 54292022

CEO Smart Bowen Australia
Lea Smart

“Red Light Therapy is one of the safest therapy programs in practice that is non-invasive.  It is extremely beneficial in open wound therapy, and is absolutely essential in the rehabilitation of diagnosed soft tissue injuries involving tendons and ligaments

A Leader in Equine Biomechanics and Anatomy

Biomechanics Professional
Sharon May-Davis B.App.Sc.(Equine), M.App.Sc., ACHM, EBW, EMR, ECSR 

“Red light therapy accelerates injury recovery by reducing pain and can boost the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes to reduce swelling quickly. When used in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine to activate acupuncture points, it can become a very affective tool for equines, canines and humans.

I have seen great results when using the red light torch and premium red light therapy wrap on my clients horses to address open wounds, muscle strains, tendon injuries and splints. I also treat my own horses regularly with red light therapy to ensure they are pain free to always perform their best”

Nadia Gronow, NG Equine Services
EEBW, ERLT, IEBWA, National Futures jumping squad member 2012 & 2013

I am a full time therapist for horses and pets, I’ve been using photonic therapy for many years and it is an integral part of every session. However, the therapy wrap adds a whole new dimension.

Cheers, Robyn

Equine and small animal therapist
Robyn Larson-Shelton