Uncommon Injury

Artie is a 5 yo Tb gelding, pretty handy country racehorse who has had 11 starts for 5 wins. Below is the initial vet report. It is a very uncommon injury for a horse, the vet who looked at Artie said in 23 years she has probably only seen the horses with this kind of injury. I was told to stable him for 6-8 weeks and then go from there. We did initially ice the area twice a day until I discovered the red light therapy kits after my husband had been to his physio and told her about Artie and she suggested it. He had not had any pain relief since 3 days before the first video. I plan to put him back into a paddock this weekend.

I have also attached the open wound we discussed. There is 3 days between each picture with the one on the left being most recent. This wound is 90% healed now and the horse will come back into light work in 2 weeks.

Pre-Red Light Therapy Video
Post-Red Light Therapy Video