Nasty Lesion

I have a twelve year old Quarter Horse who sustained a nasty lesion to his suspensory ligament in early July 2012. He under went Stem Cell Surgery at Murdoch. He was confined to a stable and could only be walked under controlled conditions. We went back to Murdoch for a rescan in the October with only a slight improvement and was told to still keep him confined and continue with his controlled walking. At this stage I was really disappointed. I then came across the Red Light Therapy Pad at the end of November and thought I have nothing to lose. Sue Poole also gave me some advice on rehabilitation in regards to in hand walking and trotting. I used the pad twice daily and after a few days noticed a huge improvement of the swelling of the leg. After two weeks the swelling had completely gone. I have just been back to Murdoch (December) for his second rescan and the Vet was amazed at the healing progress. He didn’t expect it to have healed to the stage it had, especially considering how bad the lesion was. He now can go into a small paddock and the Vet said what ever you are doing keep doing it. There is still a long way to go.