Post Birth Trauma

Ruby a maiden mare had a very traumatic labour which included being heavily sedated and having her big colt Danny pulled out with the aid of chains. Post birth she was very sore and although she was happy to nurture her son she would not let him feed at all. This meant the next day once again Ruby had to be sedated while she was milked and Danny tube fed. Obviously this was very stressful for all involved.

Thankfully later that morning a good friend Mia Joy –who is also a photonic therapy practitioner came to visit and straight away picked up that Ruby was experiencing quite severe post birth contractions which increased when Danny tried to feed so therefore she was very unhappy. I so wish to this day I had video taped the miracle in front of my eyes when after Mia had torched Ruby’s points she actually looked for Danny to push him in to feed.

Ruby, Danny and I will forever be in debt to Mia and the photonic torch and I hope that our experience will help all the mares out there who are unwilling to feed their foals due to pain.