Naturally Animals: UK Suppliers of the Red Light Therapy Pads

As experienced therapists, Catherine & Leanne from Naturally Animals are able to use the Red Light Therapy Wraps to maximum effect for a full structural and physiological re-balance. Often structural issues can be accentuated or caused by internal imbalances. With our unique range of therapies, incorporating Iridology,  Applied Zoopharmacognosy and Red Light Therapy we can really address the full range of physical and emotional issues that are affecting your animals, getting to the root cause of the issues for lasting results. All our consults incorporate a full pain assessment before and after the therapies are given so that you can see the improvement after even one session.

The addition of the Red Light Therapy Wraps to our practice has resulted in a marked improvement in what we are able to achieve after even one session. So much so that most of our clients are now purchasing their own Therapy Wraps!