I fully endorse this product.

I have a 14 year old female Staffy. She is the product of a puppy mill and dreadful breeding practices. At a young age she had both knees replaced with titanium prosthetics and we were told that she had hardly any hip joints and that problems would occur in later life. Well, they did. She needed Lyrica, Previcox, Paracetamol, various injections and other potions. All helped for a while but her limp and discomfort always returned. A local canine Bowen therapist gave us a Red Light Therapy pad to try for two weeks. I was completely sceptical and expected nothing to happen but we persevered. Within five days of x 5 a day application the limp had gone, within two weeks the Paracetamol was stopped and she started to play and interact much more. I purchased a pad for her and she has treatments each day. As we know animals cannot exhibit placebo responses but only respond to what is actually happening to them or in them.....Red Light Therapy is a successful treatment and I has meant my dog has a much better quality of life for very little interruption to her daily routine. I fully endorse this product.