Purchased 23/06/2020 - The multipurpose wrap is saving my life!
I have had fibromyalgia for 18 months and the week before I received my lifesaver.  Constant pain was a roaring burn face to foot, my hips were on fire, my shoulders and neck muscles rock hard and stiff and blocking blood supply to my brain along with a tingling buzz of anxiety sensation in my body. This chronic no relief pain was causing poor memory, tiredness turned to chronic fatigue and I had dark purple circles under my eyes from the constant grip of pressure around the back of my neck and shoulders. There was random weakness, stiffness and soreness in joints eg wrists and I repeat there is no relief except when I sleep but then I would wake up feeling the same.

I use the wrap on my belly, lower back and shoulders/ neck twice a day then face in the morning to clear my head and all other body parts for the remaining 2 hour battery life at night. My energy was up after only 3 days of first use and the dark circles along with my energy levels were up and down but today 07/08/2020 I believe I have moved out of the crisis and into recovery and the dark circles are gone and my skin looks better.

I am really sensitive in my gut and I feel acidic from sugar and junk food along with coffee and when I get this way, I suffer fibro flares. Since using the red light my sugar cravings have gone and I don't feel like comfort eating for my fibro pain and this in turn is clearly supporting my fibro management. I believe treatment on my belly is creating good bacteria in my gut along with serotonin.
I use arnica cream on my shoulders at night after my red light treatment and this means I no longer need 3 Panadol’s every night to get to sleep. I am also taking cq10 for energy along with PEA for my fibro with the occasional Panadol but nothing else. The combination of these treatments are saving my life but the red light therapy I cannot live without. It is the best investment and my life support. I believe I will get to a point where my fibro is just annoying or disappears but whatever happens long term doesn't matter because I know red light therapy is working to calm my nervous system and gives me pain relief which is lasting longer each day after use. There is no cure for fibromyalgia but I am convinced I am on the right track here.