Equine Therapist and Saddle Fitting

After hearing so much positive feed back from overseas on red light therapy I decided to buy one of the Red Light Therapy pads and torch. I love the Red Light Therapy Pad! I use it ALL the time. It is great for all sorts of aches and pains, injuries and wounds and so easy to use. I can strap it on a leg or pop it under the halter around the poll area or wherever and carry on with my massage and stretching while the Red Light Therapy pad is working. I have also personally tested it on myself and it was a great relief after an accident.

I find I am using it more than my heat packs now as it’s just so much easier to use. The horses don’t mind it either and the results speak for themselves. After using it on an area I find it is easier for me to do a bit of deeper work on the horse as the area is already feeling softened and warmed up.

I recommend the Red light pad to all horse owners as a safe and effective product.