Equine Laminitis Recovery

“My name is Fiona Gallop and I recently bought a red light wrap.

My daughter has a lovely 15hh horse who had been suffering complications from toxic laminitis brought on by vaccinations last November 2017. The vet threw the towel in with “Bertie” at the beginning of May this year saying he felt the horse should now be put down. This was a massive blow to my daughter. We talked long into the night about what to do. A local therapist and a friend swear by their red light pads so I borrowed one whilst I awaited my delivery.

So fast forward to now - from a horse that could hardly walk, Bertie is walking from his box across concrete yard and out into a small paddock. This past Monday was the first time he had been on a paddock in 6 months!!I have been treating both legs twice a day up to 40mins per leg.

I wanted you to know as I am so very grateful that I was introduced to the Red Light Therapy Pads. I truly believe it is the red light treatment that has made all the difference to this horse.
I have x rays from December last year and more recently when the vet felt it was time to call time on the horse. With the help of the farrier and the red light pads Bertie is moving again :).

I hope to get another set of x rays done in a month or so if he continues to improve to see how the pedal bone lies within the hoof”.