Endurance Horse Recovery

I for one highly recommend these Red-light therapy kits after the lovely mare I lease rolled her fetlock on our first attempt of an 80km at Greenhills 2017. This was her first season of endurance and was absolutely loving every minute of being out on track. Unfortunately, as soon as I felt her uneven gate I knew something was wrong. However, her can do attitude was, I’ve got this I’ve got three other legs and ears were forward wanting to go I jumped off and waited for the rescue float.

After ultrasounds and X-Rays, the vet said she will need a minimum of 6 months off. I was devastated, not because I couldn’t ride her, because I felt so responsible for this little mare rolling her fetlock. I started researching what I could do to help heal her and decided I would try Red Light therapy, after the first Initial couple of weeks icing.

I started Red Light therapy twice a day for 2 months every day ,for 10 min each time. In her two month check up she was 80% sound. The vet was shocked how fast she was recovering. Fast forward to the 4-month check-up, she was completely sound with appropriate testing being completed. Now I guess you could say maybe the sprain wasn’t as bad as first diagnosed, but I truly believe it was with help from this wonderful product. Now for a very slow legging up period and our return to season in late 2018