Elite Performance

Shortly after purchasing my Photonic Therapy Torch I competed at the Perth Royal show in the show jumping. Mister Expert and Noblewood Park Calypso competed in the Grand Prix on the Monday. For Calypso this was the 4th start in 4 days, Mister Expert his 3rd start. They were getting tired but I had been so busy I forgot about the torch. On the Monday I thought I really should work on them before the class. I was still learning the basics of the therapy at this stage so I worked on the 9 standard points and then slowly ran the torch along their backs, over their hindquarters and down the hamstrings, not really knowing what I was doing. When I started to warm them up I was amazed, they both felt better than they did the first day. Mister Expert jumped out of his skin and won the Grand Prix and Calypso was 4th, he was clear both rounds but had a time fault in the 2nd round, rider error!

I am still very much a beginner with red light therapy but I can certainly feel the difference when they have been treated. Our horses put in so much effort for us, I’m pleased I can make them feel more comfortable and hopefully enjoy their work.