Colic Recovery

Hi Sue,

Here is a story from last week that totally blew me away – we would have been in trouble without the torch. Owner also did some very firm abdominal massage. I had an amazing experience with the torch. We were at a stud trimming, when suddenly an 18 month old filly went down with acute severe colic – just from being fine to throwing herself on the ground and rolling within minutes. Vet over an hour away and no drugs on site.

I ran to get my torch and treated her in between dodging flying hooves. Mainly got St2 and Bl20-21. In minutes she was standing so I could finish the points, and slowly her gut sounds returned and HR dropped. She was still in the endorphin relax an hour later when we left but had picked at a bit of chaff and was grazing back in the paddock later that day. She was perfectly fine the next morning. WOW!

I treated another colicky horse today – not as severe but heard the gut sounds get going.