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Mid December 2012 I severely strained my Achilles Tendon and could not walk without the aid of crutches for the next four months, during this time a secondary heel spur developed on the same foot. Competent in various healing modalities, those applied had limited success, mostly due to the nature of the tendon being in continued work when weight bearing movement.

Well aware of the benefits of red light therapy I also tried to use those which I had available at the time, one a high strength single beam torch the other a small bank of lights, but found both awkward to apply on the area of damage, as any twisting motion of my leg would cause serious pain.

As the months skipped by with little resolution to the injury, it was suggested I go into a plaster cast for at least 2 months, reluctantly I compromised and went into a moon boot, which enabled continued treatments based on homeopathy, tissue salts, essential oils and red light. I contacted Sue and after a short discussion on the benefits of the Red Light Wrap, the rehabilitative success she had with her horse and her own badly damaged knee and the ease of receiving a treatment whilst continuing ones work prompted me to order one.

From the first treatment I gained relief and within 4 weeks of twice daily use – 20 minutes each time, the tendon had reduced by 2/3rds and I was out of my moon boot for short periods and gradually weaning myself out of it completely. The Red Light Wrap was certainly instrumental in the speed of healing.

Thanks Sue!

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