Red Light Therapy


Red Light Therapy


  • “The Red Light Therapy pads are an essential part of our equine management program. We wouldn’t be without them”

    Megan Jones
  • “The Red Light Therapy Wrap is an integral part of our daily management program. Used before and after work on my […]

    Hayley Beresford
  • “Carrying as many injuries as I do, the pain and lack of suppleness in my body is a seriously limiting […]

    Olympic Silver Medalist
    Sonya Johnson
  • Dear Sue, Thank you. I’ve been using the head/neck/shoulder wrap for 6 weeks and a few days now.  Most days I […]

    Mental clarity and general inflammatory pain
    G Crennan
  • Anytime when my husband’s back and shoulder plays up, he just puts it on then the problem dissipates. And for […]

    Arthritis and general pain
  • I purchased my red light therapy pad from Susan 5 years ago. My horse uses it. Both my dogs have […]

    Couldn’t recommend this pad any higher. 
    Belinda Riley
  • Purchased 23/06/2020 – The multipurpose wrap is saving my life! I have had fibromyalgia for 18 months and the week […]

    Jane in Victoria
  • I’ve just spent a week in hospital with serious complications from a heart procedure. My pad came along with me […]

    Heart Procedure
    Robyn R
  • So good, I used mine in hospital after my c section and so many nurses and my OB were impressed. […]

    Best therapy product available
    Z Lamberth
  • After recently dislocating and tearing a ligament in my knee I hired a red light pad to assist with healing […]

    More free without pain
    S Vroon
  • During a recent episode of severe vertigo I trialled the Head/Neck/Shoulder Multipurpose Red light Therapy Wrap.  To my amazement (and […]

    Registered Nurse
    P Whyfe
  • “Red Light Therapy is one of the safest therapy programs in practice that is non-invasive.  It is extremely beneficial in […]

    Biomechanics Professional
    Sharon May-Davis B.App.Sc.(Equine), M.App.Sc., ACHM, EBW, EMR, ECSR 
  • “My name is Fiona Gallop and I recently bought a red light wrap. My daughter has a lovely 15hh horse […]

    Equine Laminitis Recovery
    Fiona Gallop
  • “My original Red Light Therapy Wrap is now 4 years old and still going strong. I use it every morning […]

    Equine Tendon Repair
    Rita Hilton
  • “I have been using Red Light Therapy pads in my treatments as a Small Animal Bowen Therapist for the past two years. […]

    Canine Therapist
    Christine Webb
  • Artie is a 5 yo Tb gelding, pretty handy country racehorse who has had 11 starts for 5 wins. Below is […]

    Uncommon Injury
    Aleacia Bennett
  • Hi Susan, Thank you so much for all your help. I am very grateful for your phone call and kindness. […]

    So Helpful
    Deb Bradley
  • Hi Susan, Well we’ve had the red light kit for a week now and I can honestly say it has […]

    Happy Customer!
    S Sparrowhawk Jan 2018
  • I absolutely love my red light pad.  It has been an invaluable tool in my business as an equine body […]

    Headaches, back pain and TMJ pain
    Miranda Harris
  • “Our therapy kit arrived on Wednesday and already yesterday I saw improvements in our 9 year old German Shepherd. He […]

    German Shepherd
    C Allder
  • I admit I thought this was a fad but after my horse injured his hock 3 months ago I tried […]

    Hock Injury
    R Putt
  • Protocol used: Celina commenced red light therapy 3 months after the injury occurred when a friend gave her a red […]

    Equine Wound Recovery
    Celina J (Victoria)
  • I have suffered severe osteoarthritic pain especially in my back for a number of years. Since using the red light […]

    Severe Osteoarthritic Pain
    A. Townsley Albany WA
  • Our dear little pug had a bad case of kennel cough. Sue suggested we use the red light pads on […]

    Kennel Cough
    Sally Buktenica, Perth
  • “Proof is in the pudding”. Since the purchase of the Equine Red Light Therapy Poll Cap, the reactions from every […]

    Equine Therapist
    Melanie Turner
  • I have a 14 year old female Staffy. She is the product of a puppy mill and dreadful breeding practices. […]

    I fully endorse this product.
    Stephen Carroll
  • I hired a red light pad a couple of years ago after having pneumonia.  Sue recommended I use the pad […]

    Love my pad!
    Bec Flavel
  • After being diagnosed with tendinopathy in my knee, the limitations it presented in maintaining fitness, while still being able to […]

    Multi award winning Agility Dog competitor and trainer
    Megan Bell-Jones
  • After hearing so much positive feed back from overseas on red light therapy I decided to buy one of the […]

    Equine Therapist and Saddle Fitting
    Sarah Linton EEBW
  • I bought it for my eventing horse but use it more on myself.   It was a great help on my […]

    Best thing I’ve ever bought
    L Quartermaine 
  • During a recent episode of severe vertigo I trialled the Head/Neck/Shoulder Multipurpose Red light Therapy Wrap. To my amazement (and […]

    Chronic Pain / Vertigo / Tinnitus
    Penny Whife - Working mother/nurse
  • This red light therapy pad has helped my labradoodle so much. He is now 13 years old and at times […]

    Fast Healing Effect
    Dr P Benstein
  • Shortly after purchasing my Photonic Therapy Torch I competed at the Perth Royal show in the show jumping. Mister Expert […]

    Elite Performance
    Alison Rowland – International show jump rider, trainer and coach
  • Hi Sue, Here is a story from last week that totally blew me away – we would have been in […]

    Colic Recovery
    Alina – Busselton
  • I for one highly recommend these Red-light therapy kits after the lovely mare I lease rolled her fetlock on our […]

    Endurance Horse Recovery
    Karly Elliott
  • Ruby a maiden mare had a very traumatic labour which included being heavily sedated and having her big colt Danny […]

    Post Birth Trauma
  • As experienced therapists, Catherine & Leanne from Naturally Animals are able to use the Red Light Therapy Wraps to maximum […]

    Naturally Animals: UK Suppliers of the Red Light Therapy Pads
    Catherine & Leanne
  • I have been using the Photon torch on my Mum’s eight year old Rottweiler with remarkable results! Misha had done […]

  • 5 stars is just not a high enough rating. I’ve used my red light pad with great success on my […]

    Good Customer Service
    F Bond
  • We have a wonderful 25 year old school master pony who in her later years has become increasingly prone to […]

    Colic Treatment
    Susan – Perth
  • I have a twelve year old Quarter Horse who sustained a nasty lesion to his suspensory ligament in early July […]

    Nasty Lesion
  • My horse “Sheer Etiquette” failed the trot up for the FEI Grand Prix due to a laminitis issue. I asked […]

    Equitana 2012
    Susan Paiz – Grand Prix Dressage Rider/Trainer and Coach
  • I have been using the red light therapy pad on my race horses and found the benefits are enormous both […]

    Race Horses
    Aldo Cortopassi
  • The Red Light Therapy has been beneficial in our stables and is used in numerous ways. Apart from the fact […]

    Coolart Showjumping Stable
    Sue and Jamie Coman
  • Mid December 2012 I severely strained my Achilles Tendon and could not walk without the aid of crutches for the […]

    CEO Smart Bowen Australia
    Lea Smart
  • “Red light therapy accelerates injury recovery by reducing pain and can boost the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes to reduce swelling […]

    Nadia Gronow, NG Equine Services
    EEBW, ERLT, IEBWA, National Futures jumping squad member 2012 & 2013
  • I am a full time therapist for horses and pets, I’ve been using photonic therapy for many years and it […]

    Equine and small animal therapist
    Robyn Larson-Shelton
  • Could I just say a HUGE thank you to you and your staff (please pass on), for the maintenance on […]

    A credit to you
    Jeanette Bingley
  • In October 2016 I suffered a horrific injury to my fingers (caught in a lead rope) and needed the tip […]

    Severed Finger – Wound Management
    Rachelle Wilson - Dressage Rider and Coach