Photonic Torch


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  • Two rechargeable batteries and recharger
  • Crush proof up to 2,500lbs
  • Water resistant up to 150 feet
  • 660 nanometers
  • 1 battery
  • 90 milliwatts
  • 20,000 millicandela
  • Life long warranty


The Torch

Milliwatts: This is the “engine” that pushes the lights out. The stronger milliwatts allows for deeper tissue penetration and quicker stimulation

Millicandela: This is the brightness of the bulbs. We use the brightest bulbs available on the market. This increases tissue penetration and surface area.

Size: Our light is small enough that you can reach small, little crevices (like under a horses tail, just in case he colics). Small, compact, portable. Take it with you everywhere.Note: units producing over 100 milliwatts of power are considered a laser and can damage tissue in seconds.

Weight: Even though our light is crush proof and virtually indestructible, it is also about half the weight of our competitors. That’s because ours runs on only one battery.

Nanometers: This is the wavelength that light is measured by. In order for it to be “therapeutic”, Ideally, it needs to be in the 660nm (nanometer range). Lesser nanometers, and it takes longer to activate and doesn’t penetrate as deeply. More nanometers, it loses its therapeutic value and/or becomes more hazardous to work with.

Warranty: Life long warranty. If your Photonic Red Light stops working, we will replace it or repair it.